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English-Speaking Guide in Kyiv

Hi! My name is Maxim. I am glad you visited this website and are interested in one of the oldest and interesting cities of Europe, Kiev. I have lived here for more than fifteen years and have had the possibility to explore and learn about some of its unique and authentic features.

Personally, I have a great interested in urban places as I believe them to be the reflection of cultural identity, human distinctive character and local values. I like to observe and notice things - the monuments and architecture the locals choose to build and keep; the characteristic style of the exterior and interior designs of the buildings; the materials used to construct them; the ratio of houses, roads, parks and squares; the density of population; the preferred types of transportation; the smell; many other little and yet very important things about cities. As a teacher (I am a full-time teacher of English and Russian languages) in my tours in Kiev I like to ask the participants questions to provoke their thinking and the development their own perception of the sights we see during our walks.

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